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We set out to empower aspiring business owners with a revolutionary approach to buying a business. Well, with DealXchange we’ve done just that!

Before we arrived on the scene, no matter who you were, the process of buying a business was complex and difficult to navigate. From coordinating with brokers to make that deal happen to the countless back and forth with sellers – not to mention all the inflated costs – something needed to change.

So, we stepped up to the plate with DealXchange – a game-changing platform that streamlines your entire business buying journey. With DealXchange, you can explore thousands of active listings found right across the globe, tailored to your qualifications, experience and preferences, communicate with sellers and even make the deal happen all in one platform.

Deal-Room Buisness

How it works

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Tell us and sellers more about you

Create your buyer profile to help us and sellers understand your business interests.


Start browsing and enquiring

Explore thousands of business listings and when you’ve found the right one - submit an enquiry!


Make the deal happen

Conduct your due diligence by signing an NDA to view private documentation. Then, if you’d like to go ahead, complete the deal from a safe & secure deal room.

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Need financial support to get the deal done?

We’ve partnered with leading finance providers to find tailored solutions that work for you and your goals.

Securing finance is often one of the biggest hurdles that gets between you and your business acquisition goals. Fortunately, with our financial partners, you can secure the financial assistance you need in just a few clicks. Our financial partners can tailor specific finance solutions based on your needs, to help you find the best possible outcome and get you well on your way to business ownership.

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Million dollar opportunities at your fingertips

Create an account today for exclusive content and instant access to Million Dollar Listings. This unique catalogue of businesses are exclusive, highly profitable business opportunities available to Eden Exchange members only. If you’d like to pull back the curtain and see the businesses everyone is talking about, create an account today.

Sitting on the fence when it comes to buying a business?

Here are a few things you need to know.

Purchase Decision

Consult with a business advisor

Choosing the right business isn’t just a simple ‘oh I like the sound of that one’. It’s a big decision and one that can have a big impact on your life. There’s countless factors to consider but if you can safely cross off any and all queries that come up, the first thing you should do is talk to a business advisor to help you through the business purchasing process. Now, this can be your own personal business advisor or you can reach out to one of our experts for a free business consultation. We make it easy for you.

Right Business

Find the right business for you

Once you know what you’re looking for, create an account on DealXchange, plug in your business preferences and in minutes you’ll be able to browse thousands of business opportunities across the globe! From there, you’ll be able to access key financials and other documents about each business (after signing an NDA), enquire about opportunities, filter results and more – it’s never been this easy.

Due Dilligence

Due diligence then make an offer

Found a business opportunity that really grabs your attention? It’s time to dive deeper and conduct due diligence. By signing an NDA and requesting access to P&L statements, an information memorandum and so on, you’ll be in good stead to make a final decision. If it all checks out and lines up with what you’re looking for, it’s time to make an offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Eden Exchange platform?

The Eden Exchange platform is your one-stop-shop that brings everything a buyer would need together to find, enquire and facilitate a transaction under one roof. From customising business preferences to sorting through thousands of globally listed opportunities to a completely confidential, centralised hub to make and manage offers, invite brokers and complete the entire deal from start to finish, our revolutionary platform has changed the game for how aspiring business owners discover opportunities.